Free Range Eggs

All our Scottish eggs come from free range hens who have plenty of space to roam outside and we deliver them to you within 2 days of them being laid. Chickens are gregarious birds and live together as a flock with a distinct hierarchy or “pecking order.” They naturally spend their day foraging for food, scratching the ground looking for insects and seeds.

Large and medium eggs are available.

Did you know that in the UK, we consume over 30 million eggs per day?

Organic Eggs

Sourced from the rolling hills of the Scottish borders, our free range Organic eggs are from the happiest hens. They live in smaller flocks which ensures healthier and less stressed birds. Hens are allowed to roam and forage to their hearts' content.

Our supplier is fully organic-certified and has achieved the highest Soil Association’s grading - UK5.

Being only 20 miles from Edinburgh means the eggs have low road miles. Organic eggs are delivered as a mixed box - medium, large and extra large (always to a high standard).